About JamJoom

The founder of the company, Sheikh / Hamza Jamjoom, may God have mercy on him and I live in a spacious, fair vision and logic in the field of trade, since the establishment of the company more than 35 years ago has focused on the need to provide quality products of value at prices that suit the local consumer, He has traveled to many countries and has built good and fruitful business relations with global companies and global suppliers. He has managed to acquire some international agencies and become its sole agent in Saudi Arabia. The company still maintains these strong and well established commercial relations to date.
Sheikh Jamil Jamjoom, who is responsible for leading the company after the departure of Sheikh Hamza, may God have mercy on him, made it a great place to take care of the growth of the company and bring it to the ranks of large companies. High quality under the previous agencies Although this is difficult at present and the competition in the global and local markets, but the company is still wise to maintain the provision of the best and best for the local consumer, in addition to providing after-sales services to be the company’s logo and vision ( Quality p Mechanism, product value, competitor prices)